How Indian school students benefit from International Trips

Indian parents have an old fashioned concept regarding school tours.. We don’t understand how it can change the life of a child



In India we have a very narrow mind set when it comes to sending our children on school tours. An Indian School Students tour takes them sightseeing to different countriessightseeing to different countries and places. As parents we cannot imagine how a school trip to Europe or South Africa or Thailand is going to benefit our children.

Let’s read a short story….

A young child from a rural area accompanied his parents to visit relatives in the city. They were totally misfits and out of place in the city. They were glad to return home after two weeks. The experience left the parents resolute never to leave their village again. The influence on the young child was quite contrary. The vivid images of the life in city remained embedded in his heart. He harboured those with a strong intent. The child grew up worked hard. Finally he was the person responsible for developing his village. He introduced modern conveniences and facilities. His ventures created jobs and improved the economic status of the village. It became a developed township. The one short trip outside your existing world can have a life changing effect on your child.

Benefit of IST tourSome parents feel that sightseeing tours are a waste of times and other resources. As parents we work hard to give our children the best. But yet we do not view a School Tour has something beneficial to our child.

Schools organise tours as a part of their effort to help students gain an overall development and education. Due to the additional costs, international school tours are optional. However, every parent should make an effort to send their child on a school tour, especially an international school tour for Indian school students. You can be sure that your child will be a changed person when they return. This real life exposure to different communities has an astounding impact on their future.

As a parent you do not know what will influence and define your child’s life. Denying your child the exposure to go on an international school trip is only going to confine them and prevent them from blossoming to their true potential. It is not about the money – it is about giving your children the best. Giving your child expensive toys or lots of chocolates will not make their future, but an International school trip will. So cut out the toys and frivolous expenses. Fast foods and cold drinks are destroying your child’s health. Instead send them on a school trip to Europe.

No amount of toys or other indulgences can replace this lifetime experience. Make a valuable choice for your child today.

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Visit Europe in October 2018

School Students from North India are going on a trip to Europe – if you want to join contact us at +91-9313030077

Eiffel Tower.jpg
Eiffel Tower – Paris

A 7 day trip from 14th October to 21st October 2018

The tour commences from Rome and we drive around Europe. through various countries. We see all the famous places and experience the different lifestyles of the different regions. We taste the different foods and learn about the culture and habits of each place. We learn how people live and dress. Each part of Europe is different.

Colosseum - Rome.jpg
Colosseum – Rome, Italy

We end our drive after a tour of London. We then fly to Helsinki the capital of Finland. We spend a day touring Helsinki with is in the Northern most European country. After a fun packed adventurous tour of  Europe we catch a night flight back home.

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Big Ben.jpg
Big Ben & British Parliament House -London

A life time opportunity to see these wonderful places!



Many adults and parents fail to understand child psychology and begin to judge their children based on an adults thought process. Children have simple minds that process each experience as something to learn.

A child is not a confused soul. If your child is indecisive it is not confusion. Not being able to decide between a number of options is because they want them all or they really do not like any. This is not confusion.

Adults on the other hand are confused. Why is this? Because for when they consider their options they are trying to figure out the consequences of their choice. The inability clearly to perceive the repercussion of each option leads them to a state of confusion. A child’s thought process does not go so far, they see what is at hand and make their decision accordingly.

International School Tours 1.gif
Childhood is one continuous learning phase. For a child learning is not confined to the institution of school. Children learn every moment of the day, everything they see or do has some significance to them. They do not categorize situations as good or bad, they have an interest in what is going on.Quote-OurStaff.gif

Travelling has a major impact on a young developing mind. The impressions of what they see and experience holds great value in their life. It is beneficial to encourage a child to travel whether on family holidays or on school trips.

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Visit Westminster Abbey

All school children should visit the Westminster Abbey for educational purposes as the place is full of historical relics that can increase the knowledge of a child multi fold.

A trip to London must include a tour of the Westminster Abbey. This is the location used for all famous events in the UK related to the royal family. Events such as the  crowning of a new King or Queen of England, royal funerals, weddings etc have taken place at the Westminster Abbey for centuries. The most recent and famous event to take place there was the wedding of Prince William to Catherine.

Westminster Abbey holds the head stones of many historically famous people including Shakespeare, British monarchs and their families, many famous musicians, poets and writers. One can also find the tomb stone of Charles Darwin at the Westminster Abbey.

At the entrance .of the West door is the tomb of an unknown warrior. A soldier who was killed during the first world war and whose name is not known. Other items of interest at the Westminster Abbey are the Bells, the Organ and the Chapter house. The museum has very interesting exhibits.

All school children should visit the Westminster Abbey for educational purposes as the place is full of historical relics that can increase the knowledge of a child multi fold. Contact us at for more information and like us on Facebook.

Why Indians must visit Tower of London

What is so special about the Tower of London that every IndianImage result for Tower of London who goes to London must visit it? Everyone has heard of the famous Kohinoor diamond that was taken by the British during their rein of India.

Every Indian child who is privileged to visit the Tower of London learns more that just history. Visiting this places teaches one about the concepts of life itself. It has a remarkable influence on children.

A sight to behold at the museum in the Tower of London are the crown jewels. The Kohinoor diamond was not the only jewel that was taken from India by the British, there were many others too. Most of these jewels are for display at the Tower of London.


The Tower of London was a palace that was later used as a prison and a place of torture. One can see the torture chamber during an internal tour. The Tower of  London also attracts thousands of people every year for its beautiful poppies.

We specially organise tours to London for Indian school students of class 6 and above. Enabling these students to experience the culture, traditions, food and way of life in England as well as take them to places that are educational and historic.

London is one of the most famous cities in the world and for a child to visit in the early years of life gives them a learning advantage.

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Visiting Big Ben

What makes the Big Ben so famous among the thousands of clock towers in world? The story behind the Big Ben is that it has been built with a precision to always show the correct time to the second.

Big Ben is one of the seven wonders in the world and a must see for everyone if you every get the opportunity. For a child vising the Big Ben makes a huge difference in their life.

It gives them a sort of credence. This is something that every parent wants to find in their child. Visiting a site that is world famous makes them feel important and has a positive impact on their character.

The Big Ben is a clock tower located in London. It is a part of the British Parliament and along the river Thames.

British Parliament House and big ben
British Parliament House and Big Ben

What makes the Big Ben so famous among the thousands of clock towers in world? The story behind the Big Ben is that it has been built with a precision to always show the correct time to the second.

However the name Big Ben is not the name of the clock or the tower. It is the name  of the bell that chimes on the hour.

Learning the history and facts about the Big Ben does not compare with being able to actually see it and learn its history. That is the reason we have our School Trip to London. This is a chance for Indian school students to grow their knowledge that will carry them through life.

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Build a fierce desire to learn

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Many children around the world are disadvantaged and are unable to enjoy the thrill of learning. Real learning comes not from school and text books, but from experiencing life. They are too young you may say. Yes and as parents we try and shelter and protect them from the harsh realities. That’s okay they can do without being exposed to the negative side of life.

But what about the good things in life? Do we protect them from that too?  Life is fast paced and we are busy, we hardly have a moment to sit and rest let alone spend time enjoy nature. This is where we go wrong. We have to indulge our children to see and learn. We have to take them out and show them the world. Just by seeing, and the experience of being there they learn a lot of things. Most of which we wouldn’t be able to teach them even if we tried.

Don’t limit your childimages (8)

There is a difference in sheltering and protecting a child and limiting them. As parent we have to know the difference. Allowing them the freedom to learn builds in them the desire to know more.

Example: A young boy takes apart his electronic toys because he wants to know what is inside, what makes it work, how does it work. What do his parent do. Reprimand him and punish him. Deny him something he desires and more toys.

Freedom to learn:

Einstein’s  mother allowed him the freedom to learn. Every child has the potential to be something great in a field of his choice. A scientist, doctor, sports person, musician or even a chef. We have to allow our children to travel and see and learn. It will spark in them a fire for greatness.

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