Safe and secure tours for school children

International school trips from India that are safe for students


We find that a great concern among most parents today is the safety of their children and rightly so. The world is no longer the safe place it used to be. Safety is the one area in which we take no risk at all on our international school tours. South Asia Tour25 conducts safe and secure tours for schoolkids4.jpg children.

This is the one reason that we like to ensure that for every 10 students on a school tour there we sponsor teacher free. Teachers know their own school children best and the criteria of the parents as well. Our safety measures include regular head count before leaving any location even a restaurant. This way we ensure that no one is left behind accidentally while they are in the toilet or wandered around to take pictures. Some children do have a habit of challenging authority and playing pranks. We try and ensure that this does not result in a compromise of the safety aspect.

We have tours to London and BangkokThailand that we are conducting currently. We do intend to add a few more locations in the near future like Egypt, Greece and South Africa. Closer home we are looking at Bhutan and Nepal which would be more adventure trips of hiking and trekking as well as seeing the place, experiencing the culture and tasting the food..

Contact us for more information on current trips and for future school tours.

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