Fun & Sightseeing school tours to Bangkok

Learn and have fund at the same time. We give students an all round experience.


The gentle and well mannered people of Thailand gives you such a wonderful example of etiquette. The Thai people live their lives and get things done without any misbehavior or boisterousness. Bangkok the images6.jpgcapital city of Thailand has so much to see and do and learn about which is one of the main reasons we organize international school tours to Thailand. Our fun & sightseeing school tours to Bangkok include a tour of the Grand Palace and Emerald statue. Not too far away is the Phra Sumen & Mahakan fort with a rich historical background.

images7.jpgThe Dream World, Safari World, Marine Park and Ocean world are place not just for fun but the students get to learn a lot about the marine life and different animals. The bird feeding show is spectacular as are the egg show and the orangutan boxing show. We ensure that the school trip is fun combined with the educational aspect as well.

Our tours for school students are not just fun and sightseeing in Bangkok but we ensure that the students get to learn a lot from each place they visit. Out itineraries have been carefully planned out keeping the learning perspective in mind.

Travel Thailand with South Asia Tour25

Bangkok is a city with many parks and each one has some significance. We have included visits to some parks for the students see. The Suan Rot Fai is the Railway Park and this place is famous for cycling as well. We arrange for cycles on hire so the students can cycle around and see the park as well as enjoy themselves.

A few museum visits are a good exposure from the educational angle. The Science museum has a lot for the students to see and learn. The Barges museum is something thing very different from anything they have ever seen.

The Art in Paradise is a wonderful place to see for young and old alike. It is worth a visit and it is a unique experience for the students. Art has such great depth and the way it is portrayed in the multi-dimensional manner in this place is worth noting. Madame Tussaud is a place that is always thrilling. Seeing famous personalities in such a life like form and so close up gives them character. It almost makes one feel as if you actually met them. You could take pictures with them and no one would know the difference.images38.jpg

The boat ride on the river is such a joyful experience, children and adults enjoy looking at Bangkok from the waterfront. Passing through the area known as little Venice gives you a fine perspective of what Venice is like and an exposure to the culture of the Thai people

We feel that each child will take back something unique and special from this trip. It is always a pleasure to conduct a tour that is enjoyed so much by all the students. We ensure that we cover all safety aspects and security is of utmost priority to us.

To book a tour contact us on our email at You can also visit us on Facebook for more information about us.

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