School trips to Thailand

School trips that have a mixture of education and fun. Exposure to different cultures and lifestyles.


Seeing is the best way to learn. The latest studies show that when children visually experience the learning is more wholesome and embedded within the depths of their minds. Our school trips to Thailand brings to life the statement – learning for life.

Learning in the process of having funATH1.jpg

After all education is meant for life and not just to be memorized for an examination and forgotten later. We have taken special care to prepare an itinerary for a school tour to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand that covers all aspects – adventure, fun, learning, seeing and experiencing.

Local food tasting

The one thing that no one should miss when visiting a place is the food. Some times the diversity of the food from our local Indian food is so much that it may not be very palatable. We do encourage all the students to taste the food to have an idea of what the Thai people eat and a perspective of the different kinds of food that there are in the world. Sometimes when we live in our own country it becomes difficult to imagine that people around the world are eating something totally different.

ATH2.jpgVisits to Historical  sites

The history books teach you what happened years ago, but visiting a place brings an element of reality to what the books talk about. Bangkok has its share of palaces, forts and temples as well as other places with a historical significance. The Grand Palace is open only for a few hours but a very popular tourist site and a place that must be visited. The Phra Sumen and Mahakan Fort are the only two forts that are still standing of the 14 that were built. The purpose of these forts were to protect the city from invasion by their enemies.

Adventure activity

There is plenty of fun and adventure that Bangkok has to offer for the young folks. The Ocean world, Dream World, Safari Park and Marine World are all places of enjoyment as well as provide great opportunity for students to learn about nature, animals and sea life.These visits leave an indelible imprint in the young minds and we make it a point to include activities that are fun in our international school trips. The students are always be happy and thankful for this experience.

ATH3.jpgThere are the boat rides and many other activities that keeps their days full and keep the students occupied. We try and accomplish as much as we can on our school tours in the few days that are spent in Bangkok. We take plenty of measures to ensure safety of the students. Safe school trips is our priority. For a detailed itinerary you can contact us at and visit us on Facebook.

South Asia Tour25 specializes in conducting international school trips for students in the age group of 12-18 years to a number of countries

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