Why are school excursions necessary

Why go on a school excursion?

It is something to ponder about. When the topic of a school excursion comes up the thought pattern flows in various directions. What is the destination, how long is the trip, how much is the cost and various other matters of curiosity.

The real point of focus here is:

  • Why take the students on an excursion?
  • What is the significance?
  • How will they benefit from it?
  • What kind of impact will it have on their life?

These are the more pertinent questions. But they somehow get lost in the back ground. Here are some of the issues of relevance that are camouflaged by the superficial queries.


What difference will it make to the life of the student?

 Exposure: Today in the electronic culture when the world is accessible on a smart phone there is very little left uncovered. It is one thing to sit in the comfort of your home and know about the rest of the world, but it is something else to actually go there and be exposed to what the place actually is.

 Independence: Making decisions for themselves and having to live with and face the consequence of these decisions. With no parents or family members telling the students what to do along each step of the way, it creates a situation for them to feel independent. On a school trip there are teachers to ensure decorum, but the students have a taste of freedom and independence within limits. This kind of exposure is important for proper development of a young adult. It is also important to prevent rebellion in teens as they get older and begin to feel claustrophobic.

 Self-reliance: Many children who have grown up in the shadow of their parents have never faced real life situations where they have to rely on themselves. Independent of parents in a new location can do wonders for helping a young adult build up their self-reliance.

 kids3.jpgResponsibility: Some children are responsible by nature, but most depend on adults to make the decisions and they just follow. Travelling for an international school trip allows a child to feel responsible. There are no parents to turn to and only peers to interact with. Responsibility is a quality that should be embedded in students from a young age to help them grow into mature adults. Maturity is nothing more than being a responsible individual.


School trips are an important part of growing up for a student. It teaches them things that they would never learn in the comfort zone of home and school. A school trip gives student the opportunity a real life experience to see what the world feels like and without having parents to rely on. It adds to giving a student a well-rounded education.

South Asia Tour25 aim at giving school students a safe trip and one that allows then to develop into better adults.

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