London School Tour

London educational tour for Indian school students

We have a school tour to London for 5 days and 4 nights. Leaving New Delhi on 25th December evening and returning on the morning of 30th December 2016.

Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace
Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace

London is probably the most famous city in the whole world. For a child to visit this city is one of the greatest milestones in their young life.There is a lot to see and do in London any time of year.


We ensure all measures for a safe school tour. Students are divided into groups with a teach in-charge and further divided into pairs to look out for each other.We do not take any risks where safety is concerned. In case of a medical emergency for first aid we have a trained personnel in the group. All students will have a full medical insurance coverage as a part of the school trip mandatory requirement.


The KOHINOOR Diamond - taken from India during the British rein
The KOHINOOR Diamond – taken from India during the British rein

Our tour of London will cover the the usual tourist attractions for the first timers. We also have the element of the educational side added to it for the students. At Westminster Abbey the students can see the tomb stones of many famous personalities whom they have studied about and also learn more about them. At the Tower of London they can enhance their knowledge about the history of England and also view a lot of the jewels that were taken from India during the British reign. The Big Ben is one of the Seven wonders of the World and worth seeing together with the adjoining London Bridge British Parliament. The all famous London Bridge that children sing about before they even know where it is, is definitely a must see.


The London zoo has a variety of animals that are adorable. The panda’s anTipu sultan sword.jpgd seals and many others. The marine aquatic aquarium for a view of sea life is an almost natural habitat. A wonderful opportunity for students to learn about marine life. The sword of Tipu Sultan was taken back to England as a war memorial and is displayed with the Wallace Collection at No. 1 Manchester Square..

A visit to Shakespeare’s place. See theaters where the plays were performed. Learn more about Shakespeare and his life by experiencing the place he lived and worked.

We cover the historical aspect keeping in mind the educational angle. We desire that the students should take back something vital from this trip that will enhance their learning and education. This is not just a holiday,but a meaningful school trip that will teach them things that they will be a learning for life.

We ensure comfortable accommodation and a taste of the traditional British food including the English high tea.

This trip is for students of class 6 and above.

If your child’s school is not promoting this trip, you can contact us directly at +91-9313030077. Visit us on Facebook.

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