Why send your child on a London school tour

A chance to grow through experience – every child’s privilege.


What is the concept behind punishment – correction? Does denial also count as a punishment? Most children believe it does. Parents deny their children something they desire as a punishment. On the whole it is almost as if we object to children being themselves.

South Asia Tour25 organises school trips to many international destinations. These school trips for middle and senior school students are educational and fun. Our next tour to London is planned for the dates 25th Dec to 30 Dec 2016. We need confirmations for this trip latest by 15th October 2016. The school will intimate you about the tour and as a parent you decided if your child goes or not. In most cases your child really wants to go. Why punish your child by denying them something they really desire. This denial is not a justified cause for punishment.

A school tour is not just about travelling; it is about travelling with peers and not with boring adults. It is about doing teenage stuff and exciting things with other children and like minded people. It is about seeing a new country, learning about their history and economy, experiencing their culture, interacting with their people and tasting their food.

Some parents feel that cost is an issue. Travel is expensive, education in India is expensive. Nothing is cheap anymore and we offer you the best discounted rates. Parents go all lengths to ensure that their children study in the best schools and have the best of everything, so why compromise on a school tour. International travel especially to a destination like London can significantly impact your child’s future in a very positive way. It can give them an edge over their peers and the lesser fortunate.

Imagine how dejected a deprived child will feel. Their peers are all going but their parents didn’t allow them. Now imagine how privileged a child will feel when they are among those who are going on a School trip to London.

So make the decision not to deny your child and make them feel unprivileged and punished. Sign them up for the school tour to London or contact us at southasiatour25@gmail.com. TO know more about us visit us on Facebook

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