Travel for Children

Children learn alot when they travel and they remember these things for life


For a child everything is about learning. The idea is to ensure that they learn things that are of value and will serve them well later in life.

As parents we often feel that our children are too young to travel and we’ll show them places once they are older so that they can remember what they have seen. You will be amazed at the retention power of a child. Children see things differently from adults. As adults we see on the surface. Children see in depth, what the eye does not behold.

International School Tours – the freedom of being a child

We as parents are to blame for depriving our children from the opportunity to learn by restricting them from travelling. Your child’s school arranges a trip to a different country. Most parents are dead against the idea. What is the reason? Cost? We go all out buy our children expensive toys that do note really benefit them anything, but an educational school trip that will teach them so many wonderful things and help them grow in so many wonderful ways, and parents say ‘no’. What are you choosing for your child – useless expensive toys, but denying them the opportunity to learn?! It is worth thinking about.

We want our children to grow up and do great things, achieve great success, have a wide vision and lots more. Every parents desire is that their child go on to do outstanding things in life. Yet during their growing up years you curb your child’s exposure, you deny them the opportunity to travel and get a global perspective. .

Be a new generation parent and encourage your child to grow in an all round manner. Make the sacrifices you have to for the future of your child. Put together the funds for an international trip that can be the root for the success of your child.


Travel is never a waste of money, especially for a child. Each place visited teaches a child something we cannot even imagine. So the next time you get a circular from your child’s school about a school trip whether it is domestic or international think about your child and their growth. What you are denying them or are you willing to sacrifice for them.

If you want your child to join any of our tours contact us on our email at You can also visit us on Facebook for more information about us.

We organise international tours to different destinations around the world including London, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, France, Nepal and Bhutan. The international school trips are specially designed to be educational as well as fun and entertaining. Safety is a priority for us. We have one teacher for every 10 students.


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