Why make a travel list?

Children are at that age and stage where life in itself is a learning experience.


The Satisfaction of a List

Does memory have anything to do with making a list?

I always associate making a list with travel. When you travel you want to make sure you have everything you need to take along. Monuments.png

Some folks love to travel, some do it out of compulsion, while there are  yet others who have vowed never to leave their city or town. Children on the other hand love to travel. This goes for all children of all age groups irrespective of their interests.

Children are at that age and stage where life in itself is a learning experience. Unlike most of us adults who are pretty much closed to learning. children thrive on curiosity. They want to know how stuff works and what goes on inside things that makes it work in a particular way. As parents we tend to curb our children by not allowing their curiosity to seek answers.

Travelling is a great opportunity for children to learn. The school book tell them things about the world. Their minds are not yet that developed to be able to imagine what it is like. However if they go to places see. and experience first hand what the  place is like or the monument looks like, it has a very profound effect on them.

Marine.pngSchools organise excursions, most parents are not in favour of their children going. Cost is only a minor excuse, because we do indulge our children with expensive toys and gadgets. Most parents have a mindset against travel. An international school tour has been promoted by the school because as an educational institution they want to ensure that their students have the opportunity for an all round educational development.

If your child’s school is not promoting any school trips you can still contact us and we’ll have your child join our tour group for Indian school students. The positive effect of the school trip will make you feel happy that you made the right decision.

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