Wanderlust the craving to travel

The restlessness to travel is backed by the craving to taste the different cuisine in different places.


Can someone actual crave travel?

Usually when we think of the word craving we instantly relate it to food. But hey people can crave other things too.

Egyptian food

Some people travel just to eat the variety of cuisine served in the place they intend to visit. Travel and food are synonymous. Did anyone ever say I am going for a holiday to another country but I intend to eat only Indian food while I’m there – well I’ve never heard that.

Food buffs

Adults are all into eating new types of cuisines especially in another country. Children on the other hand are not so much into food. If its tasty and suits their taste buds they’ll eat it. As children get older they begin to appreciate the different tastes and variety that the world has to offer. When travelling especially on educational school trips it is good to encourage children to try different cuisine. Food can tell you a lot about a culture and a country.

Thai food

On our International school tours we always encourage the children to taste the local food. They are of course not compelled to eat it if they do not like it. Indian restaurants, burgers and pizzas are always available where ever we go on our school trips for children.

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