Paint the sky a hue of colour

Most children enjoy painting. If you gave a child a paper and asked them to paint the sky…


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Most children enjoy painting. If you gave a child a paper and asked them to paint the sky – I can bet you that you wont get even one paper back that is blue. Most children will make the sky a hue of colour.Marine

As an adult we see this as the child’s lack of having understood the assignment. Have you ever thought of the other side – what goes on in a child’s mind.

We train a child with “the sky is blue” – when in reality we know that it isn’t actually blue but just appears that way to us. Have we even taken note of the other colours in the sky. Rarely.

We under estimate the perception of children and their ability to see those things that we just take for granted. When a child visits a new place they are eager to look around and see things. Have you ever bothered to notice what exactly they are focused on – it certainly is not infrastructure. They see reality the way it is. Travel is s great learning experience for children and its not fair for us to curb them. We never can tell how much a school tour as a young teen will influence their whole life.

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Children who have been given the freedom to create their own images in their mind have a greater advantage over those who have been controlled and told what to think. The ones who will go on to do great things and achieve great success and reach far heights are the ones who have been allowed to grow in all spheres.

I believe that travelling with peers to places like London and South Africa or even Egypt or Thailand will have such a great influence in shaping a child’s future and ability for success in life. We need to give our child small opportunities to spread their wings for short school trips. Most of all they learn to be self reliant and take responsibility for themselves

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