The luxury of learning

The best way to teach a child about something is to show it to them and they will learn much better and retain it longer.


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Learning is not a luxury but a necessity. Every child must learn to survive in this world and make something of their life. In some cases it ends up becoming a luxury. Backward cultures believe that a girl should stop school as soon as she reaches puberty. In some cultures they believe that boys should not waste their time on education as they get older, but toil in the fields.

Thankfully we live in a culture where education is a compulsion. What is the most effective way to teach a child about something? This goes for not just for very young children but older teens too.

The answer is simple: The best way to  teach a child about something is to show it to them and they will learn much better and retain it longer. This is the concept behind educational tours. We believe in taking students to different countries and showing them the history, geography, economics, literature, culture traditions and many more things. Does any parent feel that their child will reMonuments 3.pngturn from a trip to London or Paris and not be more educated or wiser in anyway?

The learning saga

On our educational tours we ensure that we cover all the different aspects of the place and country. This is the reason we have teachers accompanying the group. The teachers prepare for this trip by updating themselves on what they are about to see during the tour and make it a wholesome experience for the students.

How do we do it

We select places that have a rich cultural heritage and one that has a significant influence on the world like England, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa,  France, and others. We also ensure that these are not troubled areas. We do not venture into danger zones. We are responsible for your children while they are with us and we do not take and risks. Safety is our first priority. We are know for our safe and secure tours.

We provide decent accommodation and nutritious wholesome food. We ensure discipline and good conduct during the trip. Students are divided into groups to look out for each other as an additional  safety measure.


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