How can you jeopardize your child’s future?

Parenting is no child’s play. We go on to live our routine lives with the ups and downs. Very often our children become the people on whom we vent our frustrations. Some Parents throw caution to the wind when it comes to filtering what to say to their children. When you pour garbage on your child what do your expect them to respond with?

Curbing children168b129bc4965ece058eaaa9f2d41da7.jpg

What really hampers a child’s growth and ability to flourish and achieve their potential is the limitations we place on them. I believe that a child should be given a certain amount of freedom to be themselves. Children should be allowed to travel and go places and learn about different cultures and places. Most parents have this aversion to allowing their child any freedom. It doesn’t lessen your controlling power over your child to give them some space some times.

2400.jpgI began taking my daughter on holiday trips to different places after she turned three. She may not remember much else from that age but she does remember the places, experiences and people. She remember what she saw and what she did there. Today she is a bright child, confident and knowledgeable.

Feel a place

What does travel actually mean? Going to a place, being there and feeling it for real. No amount of imagination can match that reality.  For a child to learn about a place in school books is great, but that is just a theoretical information. When they actually visit a place and feel see what it is like, feel that air and the culture it is a different form of learning all together.

Its not possible to visit all the places…Monuments.png

No its not. But it is possible to visit most of the places. Children have the opportunity to travel on school trips that are promoted by schools. Parents need to realise the importance of travel as a significant part of education to encourage it. Just as we go all lengths to pay our children’s school fees, we should also put in similar effort for their school arranged travel. Buying children toys and frivolous items are a waste of money. We need to invest in our children and give them those things that will reap them dividends and success in life like travel.

Find out what’s happening and how you can give your child an advantage in life through travel to international destinations on Facebook or visit International School Tours. You can directly add your child to a school tour group as most of the groups are from mixed schools

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