Childhood is a learning process

there is more to learning about life than just what the schools offer


From the moment they are born children are constantly learning. 2bacfa2f4c30796d8f9ef7a52c75dd34.jpgThey learn the basics. Then they start asking questions about the things they don’t understand. Children learn a lot by observing. Wherever they go they see and learn. This applies even for simple things. If you take a child to the super market or to the jungle they will come back having learnt something new.

As parents 1813845900-f2924b77ac3bf0b076f2da5e6f154ba8.jpgwe have to capitalise on our children’s ability to learn and help them hone this skill.The best way for a child to learn is by seeing. We expect that our children should learn from text books and we don’t even want to consider the fact that .

Another aspect that most parents want to blind themselves to is that all the stuff in the text books is related to reality and need to be applied so. For a child to be successful in life they need to know more than just what is in the text books.

Many school encourage travel as a form of learning international school tours and educational school tours are promoted by some schools. These trips are very important for students as a part of their learning process in life. Most parents think that these are for fun and they don’t realise what a great impact this trip will have on the future of their child. It is not just a holiday but a whole experience of learning about life, self reliance, responsibility, travel procedures, discipline and much more.

Being in a new place children learn about the culture and the people. They get a first hand. experience of the language, the food and the general way of life in that place. In a new place the children get to see the popular sights during their sightseeing tours, they learn about the history and visit historical monuments. Being in a place give you exposure to their economy, you can learn about their geography and their general source of income, development and industrialization. This is all an integral part of learning that will serve the children well not only for their school study but also help them in their future life.  . .

There are regular school tours being conducted to many places all around the year. To know more about the dates and locations visit us on Facebook. You can email us at To know more about who we are and what we do you can visit:

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