Build a fierce desire to learn

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Many children around the world are disadvantaged and are unable to enjoy the thrill of learning. Real learning comes not from school and text books, but from experiencing life. They are too young you may say. Yes and as parents we try and shelter and protect them from the harsh realities. That’s okay they can do without being exposed to the negative side of life.

But what about the good things in life? Do we protect them from that too?  Life is fast paced and we are busy, we hardly have a moment to sit and rest let alone spend time enjoy nature. This is where we go wrong. We have to indulge our children to see and learn. We have to take them out and show them the world. Just by seeing, and the experience of being there they learn a lot of things. Most of which we wouldn’t be able to teach them even if we tried.

Don’t limit your childimages (8)

There is a difference in sheltering and protecting a child and limiting them. As parent we have to know the difference. Allowing them the freedom to learn builds in them the desire to know more.

Example: A young boy takes apart his electronic toys because he wants to know what is inside, what makes it work, how does it work. What do his parent do. Reprimand him and punish him. Deny him something he desires and more toys.

Freedom to learn:

Einstein’s  mother allowed him the freedom to learn. Every child has the potential to be something great in a field of his choice. A scientist, doctor, sports person, musician or even a chef. We have to allow our children to travel and see and learn. It will spark in them a fire for greatness.

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