Many adults and parents fail to understand child psychology and begin to judge their children based on an adults thought process. Children have simple minds that process each experience as something to learn.

A child is not a confused soul. If your child is indecisive it is not confusion. Not being able to decide between a number of options is because they want them all or they really do not like any. This is not confusion.

Adults on the other hand are confused. Why is this? Because for when they consider their options they are trying to figure out the consequences of their choice. The inability clearly to perceive the repercussion of each option leads them to a state of confusion. A child’s thought process does not go so far, they see what is at hand and make their decision accordingly.

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Childhood is one continuous learning phase. For a child learning is not confined to the institution of school. Children learn every moment of the day, everything they see or do has some significance to them. They do not categorize situations as good or bad, they have an interest in what is going on.Quote-OurStaff.gif

Travelling has a major impact on a young developing mind. The impressions of what they see and experience holds great value in their life. It is beneficial to encourage a child to travel whether on family holidays or on school trips.

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