Visit Europe in October 2018

School Students from North India are going on a trip to Europe – if you want to join contact us at +91-9313030077

Eiffel Tower.jpg
Eiffel Tower – Paris

A 7 day trip from 14th October to 21st October 2018

The tour commences from Rome and we drive around Europe. through various countries. We see all the famous places and experience the different lifestyles of the different regions. We taste the different foods and learn about the culture and habits of each place. We learn how people live and dress. Each part of Europe is different.

Colosseum - Rome.jpg
Colosseum – Rome, Italy

We end our drive after a tour of London. We then fly to Helsinki the capital of Finland. We spend a day touring Helsinki with is in the Northern most European country. After a fun packed adventurous tour of  Europe we catch a night flight back home.

Contact us for more details at +91-9313030077

Big Ben.jpg
Big Ben & British Parliament House -London

A life time opportunity to see these wonderful places!



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