How Indian school students benefit from International Trips

Indian parents have an old fashioned concept regarding school tours.. We don’t understand how it can change the life of a child


In India we have a very narrow mind set when it comes to sending our children on school tours. An Indian School Students tour takes them sightseeing to different countriessightseeing to different countries and places. As parents we cannot imagine how a school trip to Europe or South Africa or Thailand is going to benefit our children.

Let’s read a short story….

A young child from a rural area accompanied his parents to visit relatives in the city. They were totally misfits and out of place in the city. They were glad to return home after two weeks. The experience left the parents resolute never to leave their village again. The influence on the young child was quite contrary. The vivid images of the life in city remained embedded in his heart. He harboured those with a strong intent. The child grew up worked hard. Finally he was the person responsible for developing his village. He introduced modern conveniences and facilities. His ventures created jobs and improved the economic status of the village. It became a developed township. The one short trip outside your existing world can have a life changing effect on your child.

Benefit of IST tourSome parents feel that sightseeing tours are a waste of times and other resources. As parents we work hard to give our children the best. But yet we do not view a School Tour has something beneficial to our child.

Schools organise tours as a part of their effort to help students gain an overall development and education. Due to the additional costs, international school tours are optional. However, every parent should make an effort to send their child on a school tour, especially an international school tour for Indian school students. You can be sure that your child will be a changed person when they return. This real life exposure to different communities has an astounding impact on their future.

As a parent you do not know what will influence and define your child’s life. Denying your child the exposure to go on an international school trip is only going to confine them and prevent them from blossoming to their true potential. It is not about the money – it is about giving your children the best. Giving your child expensive toys or lots of chocolates will not make their future, but an International school trip will. So cut out the toys and frivolous expenses. Fast foods and cold drinks are destroying your child’s health. Instead send them on a school trip to Europe.

No amount of toys or other indulgences can replace this lifetime experience. Make a valuable choice for your child today.

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