Cultural tour to Thailand

Thailand is an advanced country with a growing economy. We have much to learn from Thailand. Unfortunately Indians view Thailand as a place where women are easily available for entertainment. However, this concept has been misconstrued. The northern part of Thailand  has many cultural activities and beautiful places that offer a great learning experience.

Our International School Tour includes a trip to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Student get to visit and volunteer at the elephant rehabilitation center. We have many other cultural activities which include interacting with the locals and learning about their lifestyle, culture and food habits.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. A visit to the City Palace is a must and any trip would be incomplete without it. Thailand is a country of mixed beliefs. A large percentage of the population are Buddhists as well as Hindus. Our school tour includes a cultural show based on the Hindu mythology. The children also get to enjoy boat rides and see the boat market. Locals use their boats to display wares and customers come on boats to purchase them. This is a beautiful sight and a nice place to pick up a few mementos.

The Thai people are very polite and well mannered. The country thrives on tourism and the Thai’s treat their tourists very respectfully. Thailand is a culturally rich country to visit and we encourage our youth to experience this beauty.

Contact us for more information on our school tours to Thailand.


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