Build a fierce desire to learn

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Many children around the world are disadvantaged and are unable to enjoy the thrill of learning. Real learning comes not from school and text books, but from experiencing life. They are too young you may say. Yes and as parents we try and shelter and protect them from the harsh realities. That’s okay they can do without being exposed to the negative side of life.

But what about the good things in life? Do we protect them from that too?  Life is fast paced and we are busy, we hardly have a moment to sit and rest let alone spend time enjoy nature. This is where we go wrong. We have to indulge our children to see and learn. We have to take them out and show them the world. Just by seeing, and the experience of being there they learn a lot of things. Most of which we wouldn’t be able to teach them even if we tried.

Don’t limit your childimages (8)

There is a difference in sheltering and protecting a child and limiting them. As parent we have to know the difference. Allowing them the freedom to learn builds in them the desire to know more.

Example: A young boy takes apart his electronic toys because he wants to know what is inside, what makes it work, how does it work. What do his parent do. Reprimand him and punish him. Deny him something he desires and more toys.

Freedom to learn:

Einstein’s  mother allowed him the freedom to learn. Every child has the potential to be something great in a field of his choice. A scientist, doctor, sports person, musician or even a chef. We have to allow our children to travel and see and learn. It will spark in them a fire for greatness.

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Childhood is a learning process

there is more to learning about life than just what the schools offer

From the moment they are born children are constantly learning. 2bacfa2f4c30796d8f9ef7a52c75dd34.jpgThey learn the basics. Then they start asking questions about the things they don’t understand. Children learn a lot by observing. Wherever they go they see and learn. This applies even for simple things. If you take a child to the super market or to the jungle they will come back having learnt something new.

As parents 1813845900-f2924b77ac3bf0b076f2da5e6f154ba8.jpgwe have to capitalise on our children’s ability to learn and help them hone this skill.The best way for a child to learn is by seeing. We expect that our children should learn from text books and we don’t even want to consider the fact that .

Another aspect that most parents want to blind themselves to is that all the stuff in the text books is related to reality and need to be applied so. For a child to be successful in life they need to know more than just what is in the text books.

Many school encourage travel as a form of learning international school tours and educational school tours are promoted by some schools. These trips are very important for students as a part of their learning process in life. Most parents think that these are for fun and they don’t realise what a great impact this trip will have on the future of their child. It is not just a holiday but a whole experience of learning about life, self reliance, responsibility, travel procedures, discipline and much more.

Being in a new place children learn about the culture and the people. They get a first hand. experience of the language, the food and the general way of life in that place. In a new place the children get to see the popular sights during their sightseeing tours, they learn about the history and visit historical monuments. Being in a place give you exposure to their economy, you can learn about their geography and their general source of income, development and industrialization. This is all an integral part of learning that will serve the children well not only for their school study but also help them in their future life.  . .

There are regular school tours being conducted to many places all around the year. To know more about the dates and locations visit us on Facebook. You can email us at To know more about who we are and what we do you can visit:

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How can you jeopardize your child’s future?

Parenting is no child’s play. We go on to live our routine lives with the ups and downs. Very often our children become the people on whom we vent our frustrations. Some Parents throw caution to the wind when it comes to filtering what to say to their children. When you pour garbage on your child what do your expect them to respond with?

Curbing children168b129bc4965ece058eaaa9f2d41da7.jpg

What really hampers a child’s growth and ability to flourish and achieve their potential is the limitations we place on them. I believe that a child should be given a certain amount of freedom to be themselves. Children should be allowed to travel and go places and learn about different cultures and places. Most parents have this aversion to allowing their child any freedom. It doesn’t lessen your controlling power over your child to give them some space some times.

2400.jpgI began taking my daughter on holiday trips to different places after she turned three. She may not remember much else from that age but she does remember the places, experiences and people. She remember what she saw and what she did there. Today she is a bright child, confident and knowledgeable.

Feel a place

What does travel actually mean? Going to a place, being there and feeling it for real. No amount of imagination can match that reality.  For a child to learn about a place in school books is great, but that is just a theoretical information. When they actually visit a place and feel see what it is like, feel that air and the culture it is a different form of learning all together.

Its not possible to visit all the places…Monuments.png

No its not. But it is possible to visit most of the places. Children have the opportunity to travel on school trips that are promoted by schools. Parents need to realise the importance of travel as a significant part of education to encourage it. Just as we go all lengths to pay our children’s school fees, we should also put in similar effort for their school arranged travel. Buying children toys and frivolous items are a waste of money. We need to invest in our children and give them those things that will reap them dividends and success in life like travel.

Find out what’s happening and how you can give your child an advantage in life through travel to international destinations on Facebook or visit International School Tours. You can directly add your child to a school tour group as most of the groups are from mixed schools

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Reaching children

Developing family values during the formative years will help greatly at this stage. Parenting is the most difficult job in the world and one that most parents give so little thought to.

As children grow up they also grow apart from their parents. This is a usual phenomenon. At this stage we parents tend to enjoy the freedom that we get from our children no longer being so dependent of us. Some parents push their children further to being independent. This is a stage in a child’s life that needs to be handled with most caution. If we cling to our children and not give them space they pull London Bridgeaway. If we push towards independence they fly the roost and lose the family bo
nds. It is a very precarious balance that needs to be exercised. There is no common rule because each child is a unique individual with their own characteristics.

Developing family values during the formative years will help greatly at this stage. Parenting is the most difficult job in the world and one that most parents give so little thought to. Some parents tend to suddenly wake up when they realise their child is off-course or mixing with inappropriate company. This is the stage that parent
s try and reach out to their children. Every parent should know that it is never too late and however impossible the situation looks you can make a difference to your child’s life. Never give up on your child, believe in them and make sure you tell them that.

Hopefully most parents do not have to get to that stage and are able toimages (8) somehow get some sort of balance in child raising. The Indian culture of family values and the mother’s focus on her children and their upbringing is what keeps our families together. The career woman still tries to do her best when it comes to her family and children.

As parents we need to watch our words and actions, that is what our children will follow throughout their life as a model sample. This is tough and sometimes changes the very person that you are.South Asia Tour25

Education is important. When it comes to making the right decisions for your child when it comes to school activities, parents need to think of long term consequences and effects. For instance going on a school trip, the first thing a parent thinks of is cost or indulgence. But just stop and consider the positiv
e impact
that it will have on your child’s future. A tour promoted by the school is always with some benefit involved.Travelling has multiple benefits and one can never know what a great influence an international destination can have on a young impressionable mind, inspiring them to achieve great things in life. We should always give our children opportunities to learn and excel.

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A child is complicated

The thought process of a child is very simple. They take things as they are in the literal sense. They do not complicate matters with assumptions as adults do.

Every parent want their child to be an epitome of perfection. But we have to understand that children are also complicated little beings just like adults.

What makes a child complicated

Can you truly understand what a child is thinking and the way they see things? Usually not and most of t2b7bd62127f32fb703ae6e8c4c6df3f6he time we give it little thought. However this is something that every parent needs to understand. A child has as complex a nature like an adult because their way of thinking is not conformed. We can teach children right from wrong and how th
ey should behave and react in general. These are just broad guidelines within which our children develop and grow.


What does a child think?

The thought process of a child is very simple. They take things as they are in the literal sense. They do not complicate matters with assumptions as adults do.  An adult will see a situation and assume a million things about it, which just makes their perception of the matter very complicated. This is where children differ. A horse galloping is a horse galloping – at the most they may ask where the horse may be going. They are not flooded with other thoughts like whose horse is it, has it run away, where has it come from, why it is running the way it is, has it been tortured and hurt by its master, is it looking for its master and a million other thoughts will flow through the mind of an adult while watching the horse run.

In the mean while the child has enjoyed the scene of watching the grace with which the horse gallops, the way it moves and captured the scene the way it is without being distracted by frivolous thoughts.

Allow children to develop and grow 2bacfa2f4c30796d8f9ef7a52c75dd34

Just because children don’t  give in to needless frivolous thoughts it doesn’t mean they are not capable of judging a situation. Every child has their own opinion and an view of every situation. It is important to allow a child to develop as an individual without being moulded into the limited personality acceptable by society. No one is perfect and neither are our children.

We need to loosen the noose and give our children space to become the person they were born to be. Let us not curtail them from doing what they desire to do. Giving children the opportunity to travel
on school tours and see different places will help them grow as individuals.

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The luxury of learning

The best way to teach a child about something is to show it to them and they will learn much better and retain it longer.

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Learning is not a luxury but a necessity. Every child must learn to survive in this world and make something of their life. In some cases it ends up becoming a luxury. Backward cultures believe that a girl should stop school as soon as she reaches puberty. In some cultures they believe that boys should not waste their time on education as they get older, but toil in the fields.

Thankfully we live in a culture where education is a compulsion. What is the most effective way to teach a child about something? This goes for not just for very young children but older teens too.

The answer is simple: The best way to  teach a child about something is to show it to them and they will learn much better and retain it longer. This is the concept behind educational tours. We believe in taking students to different countries and showing them the history, geography, economics, literature, culture traditions and many more things. Does any parent feel that their child will reMonuments 3.pngturn from a trip to London or Paris and not be more educated or wiser in anyway?

The learning saga

On our educational tours we ensure that we cover all the different aspects of the place and country. This is the reason we have teachers accompanying the group. The teachers prepare for this trip by updating themselves on what they are about to see during the tour and make it a wholesome experience for the students.

How do we do it

We select places that have a rich cultural heritage and one that has a significant influence on the world like England, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa,  France, and others. We also ensure that these are not troubled areas. We do not venture into danger zones. We are responsible for your children while they are with us and we do not take and risks. Safety is our first priority. We are know for our safe and secure tours.

We provide decent accommodation and nutritious wholesome food. We ensure discipline and good conduct during the trip. Students are divided into groups to look out for each other as an additional  safety measure.


England – a destination for Indian school students

Just imagine how Shakespearean plays were enacted in open theaters with no microphones and the audience literally sitting right up to the performance platform

Why is England as a destination for Indian school students so fascinating? India and England have a history that goes back a few hundreds of years. The English ruled India and left behind their legacy. Today English is the most widely spoken language in India all thanks to the English rule.

Shakespeare is an essential part of the education and English literature in Indian schools would be incomplete without a Shakespearean play. Visiting England allows students to see where Shakespeare worked and lived, the Globe theater where his plays were performed and learn about his life in the original surroundings.


Just imagine how Shakespearean plays were enacted in open theaters with no microphones and the audience literally sitting right up to the performance platformHarry Potter broomstick.jpg

Harry Potter is one of the most famous stories of this generation. Every child would like to visit the studio where most of it was shot and children can even experience flying a broomstick. An experience that your child will never forget.

The historical heritage of England is rich and there is a lot of castles and palaces to see. Westminster Abbey where Price William and  Catherine got married a few years ago. The location in London where all grand events take place. The Buckinham Palace and the changing of the Guards, a famous event witnessed by thousands everyday. Big Ben one of the Seven Wonder in World is a grand pice of architecture.

A boat ride on the river Thames and going under the London Bridge, while watching the Tower of London, the British Parliament and many other places along the banks. There is so much to to take back from a trip to England.

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