School trips to Thailand

School trips that have a mixture of education and fun. Exposure to different cultures and lifestyles.


Seeing is the best way to learn. The latest studies show that when children visually experience the learning is more wholesome and embedded within the depths of their minds. Our school trips to Thailand brings to life the statement – learning for life.

Learning in the process of having funATH1.jpg

After all education is meant for life and not just to be memorized for an examination and forgotten later. We have taken special care to prepare an itinerary for a school tour to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand that covers all aspects – adventure, fun, learning, seeing and experiencing.

Local food tasting

The one thing that no one should miss when visiting a place is the food. Some times the diversity of the food from our local Indian food is so much that it may not be very palatable. We do encourage all the students to taste the food to have an idea of what the Thai people eat and a perspective of the different kinds of food that there are in the world. Sometimes when we live in our own country it becomes difficult to imagine that people around the world are eating something totally different.

ATH2.jpgVisits to Historical  sites

The history books teach you what happened years ago, but visiting a place brings an element of reality to what the books talk about. Bangkok has its share of palaces, forts and temples as well as other places with a historical significance. The Grand Palace is open only for a few hours but a very popular tourist site and a place that must be visited. The Phra Sumen and Mahakan Fort are the only two forts that are still standing of the 14 that were built. The purpose of these forts were to protect the city from invasion by their enemies.

Adventure activity

There is plenty of fun and adventure that Bangkok has to offer for the young folks. The Ocean world, Dream World, Safari Park and Marine World are all places of enjoyment as well as provide great opportunity for students to learn about nature, animals and sea life.These visits leave an indelible imprint in the young minds and we make it a point to include activities that are fun in our international school trips. The students are always be happy and thankful for this experience.

ATH3.jpgThere are the boat rides and many other activities that keeps their days full and keep the students occupied. We try and accomplish as much as we can on our school tours in the few days that are spent in Bangkok. We take plenty of measures to ensure safety of the students. Safe school trips is our priority. For a detailed itinerary you can contact us at and visit us on Facebook.

South Asia Tour25 specializes in conducting international school trips for students in the age group of 12-18 years to a number of countries

Fun & Sightseeing school tours to Bangkok

Learn and have fund at the same time. We give students an all round experience.

The gentle and well mannered people of Thailand gives you such a wonderful example of etiquette. The Thai people live their lives and get things done without any misbehavior or boisterousness. Bangkok the images6.jpgcapital city of Thailand has so much to see and do and learn about which is one of the main reasons we organize international school tours to Thailand. Our fun & sightseeing school tours to Bangkok include a tour of the Grand Palace and Emerald statue. Not too far away is the Phra Sumen & Mahakan fort with a rich historical background.

images7.jpgThe Dream World, Safari World, Marine Park and Ocean world are place not just for fun but the students get to learn a lot about the marine life and different animals. The bird feeding show is spectacular as are the egg show and the orangutan boxing show. We ensure that the school trip is fun combined with the educational aspect as well.

Our tours for school students are not just fun and sightseeing in Bangkok but we ensure that the students get to learn a lot from each place they visit. Out itineraries have been carefully planned out keeping the learning perspective in mind.

Travel Thailand with South Asia Tour25

Bangkok is a city with many parks and each one has some significance. We have included visits to some parks for the students see. The Suan Rot Fai is the Railway Park and this place is famous for cycling as well. We arrange for cycles on hire so the students can cycle around and see the park as well as enjoy themselves.

A few museum visits are a good exposure from the educational angle. The Science museum has a lot for the students to see and learn. The Barges museum is something thing very different from anything they have ever seen.

The Art in Paradise is a wonderful place to see for young and old alike. It is worth a visit and it is a unique experience for the students. Art has such great depth and the way it is portrayed in the multi-dimensional manner in this place is worth noting. Madame Tussaud is a place that is always thrilling. Seeing famous personalities in such a life like form and so close up gives them character. It almost makes one feel as if you actually met them. You could take pictures with them and no one would know the difference.images38.jpg

The boat ride on the river is such a joyful experience, children and adults enjoy looking at Bangkok from the waterfront. Passing through the area known as little Venice gives you a fine perspective of what Venice is like and an exposure to the culture of the Thai people

We feel that each child will take back something unique and special from this trip. It is always a pleasure to conduct a tour that is enjoyed so much by all the students. We ensure that we cover all safety aspects and security is of utmost priority to us.

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School tours to historical sites

International school trips from India – an opportunity for students to visit places and learn learn about their history, geography and culture.

Bringing life to historical sites

Visiting a historical site makes the text books come alive. Studying suddenly has so much more of a reality aspect to it. Everyone has heard about the Pyramid.jpgpyramids in Egypt. The history books always make a mention of the Israelite slaves that were used to build the pyramids as tombs for the Pharaohs. Only when you actually visit the pyramids do you realize the grandeur these huge structures posses.

Some of those rocks used to build the pyramids are so huge that it makes you wonder how the slaves ever managed to get them one over the other. This part of history will remain embedded forever in the minds of all those who visit the place. This is one reason that we organize school trips to places with educational value.

Exposure to the culture

Whenever you visit a place you are exposed to the people and their culture. You get to see first hand the kind of food they eat and their lifestyle as a whole. It is amazing how a day in a place can teach you so much more than reading so many books. For our international school tours we always try and arrange for the students to attend a cultural show and taste the local food. Some students are more adventurous than others when it comes to food and trying new cuisines. None the less the experience is worthwhile.

A trip into the country side and seeing the village life at close quarters is something that needs to be experienced personally. Each person takes back something different. Being in a place teaches you things that words cannot express but the mind comprehends. .

A comprehensive geographical understanding 

It is amazing what the mind comprehends about a place by just being physically present. When we study text books we end up with preconceived notions. Egypt is a very hot country. When you visit the place it allows you to understand just how hot it can get or how pleasant the weather can be at times. Travelling around a country makes you aware of what the terrain looks like. Students perceptions  are not limited to text book information but they get a clear understanding of the actual facts.

Fun and sightseeing

While most of the sightseeing is educational based we do try and include fun activities where the students have a chance to enjoy themselves. Depending on the location there could be opportunity for adventure activity or game parks. A school trip should also be fun along with learning. Children need to be able to enjoy being young and and indulging in childish activities..

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Safe and secure tours for school children

International school trips from India that are safe for students

We find that a great concern among most parents today is the safety of their children and rightly so. The world is no longer the safe place it used to be. Safety is the one area in which we take no risk at all on our international school tours. South Asia Tour25 conducts safe and secure tours for schoolkids4.jpg children.

This is the one reason that we like to ensure that for every 10 students on a school tour there we sponsor teacher free. Teachers know their own school children best and the criteria of the parents as well. Our safety measures include regular head count before leaving any location even a restaurant. This way we ensure that no one is left behind accidentally while they are in the toilet or wandered around to take pictures. Some children do have a habit of challenging authority and playing pranks. We try and ensure that this does not result in a compromise of the safety aspect.

We have tours to London and BangkokThailand that we are conducting currently. We do intend to add a few more locations in the near future like Egypt, Greece and South Africa. Closer home we are looking at Bhutan and Nepal which would be more adventure trips of hiking and trekking as well as seeing the place, experiencing the culture and tasting the food..

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Travel and see

The best way to learn is by seeing and experiencing. This holds true not just for children but for adults as well.

An image can convey what a thousand words fail to do.

Visiting a place is an experience that cannot be taught to a child in a number of classroom sessions.Nothing can take the place of personal experience.

A school tour to a different country has a major psychological impact on a young impressionable mind. Each human being is different and it amazing what each child perceives from what they see.