Visit Westminster Abbey

All school children should visit the Westminster Abbey for educational purposes as the place is full of historical relics that can increase the knowledge of a child multi fold.


A trip to London must include a tour of the Westminster Abbey. This is the location used for all famous events in the UK related to the royal family. Events such as the  crowning of a new King or Queen of England, royal funerals, weddings etc have taken place at the Westminster Abbey for centuries. The most recent and famous event to take place there was the wedding of Prince William to Catherine.

Westminster Abbey holds the head stones of many historically famous people including Shakespeare, British monarchs and their families, many famous musicians, poets and writers. One can also find the tomb stone of Charles Darwin at the Westminster Abbey.

At the entrance .of the West door is the tomb of an unknown warrior. A soldier who was killed during the first world war and whose name is not known. Other items of interest at the Westminster Abbey are the Bells, the Organ and the Chapter house. The museum has very interesting exhibits.

All school children should visit the Westminster Abbey for educational purposes as the place is full of historical relics that can increase the knowledge of a child multi fold. Contact us at for more information and like us on Facebook.

Why Indians must visit Tower of London

What is so special about the Tower of London that every IndianImage result for Tower of London who goes to London must visit it? Everyone has heard of the famous Kohinoor diamond that was taken by the British during their rein of India.

Every Indian child who is privileged to visit the Tower of London learns more that just history. Visiting this places teaches one about the concepts of life itself. It has a remarkable influence on children.

A sight to behold at the museum in the Tower of London are the crown jewels. The Kohinoor diamond was not the only jewel that was taken from India by the British, there were many others too. Most of these jewels are for display at the Tower of London.


The Tower of London was a palace that was later used as a prison and a place of torture. One can see the torture chamber during an internal tour. The Tower of  London also attracts thousands of people every year for its beautiful poppies.

We specially organise tours to London for Indian school students of class 6 and above. Enabling these students to experience the culture, traditions, food and way of life in England as well as take them to places that are educational and historic.

London is one of the most famous cities in the world and for a child to visit in the early years of life gives them a learning advantage.

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Visiting Big Ben

What makes the Big Ben so famous among the thousands of clock towers in world? The story behind the Big Ben is that it has been built with a precision to always show the correct time to the second.

Big Ben is one of the seven wonders in the world and a must see for everyone if you every get the opportunity. For a child vising the Big Ben makes a huge difference in their life.

It gives them a sort of credence. This is something that every parent wants to find in their child. Visiting a site that is world famous makes them feel important and has a positive impact on their character.

The Big Ben is a clock tower located in London. It is a part of the British Parliament and along the river Thames.

British Parliament House and big ben
British Parliament House and Big Ben

What makes the Big Ben so famous among the thousands of clock towers in world? The story behind the Big Ben is that it has been built with a precision to always show the correct time to the second.

However the name Big Ben is not the name of the clock or the tower. It is the name  of the bell that chimes on the hour.

Learning the history and facts about the Big Ben does not compare with being able to actually see it and learn its history. That is the reason we have our School Trip to London. This is a chance for Indian school students to grow their knowledge that will carry them through life.

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The luxury of learning

The best way to teach a child about something is to show it to them and they will learn much better and retain it longer.

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Learning is not a luxury but a necessity. Every child must learn to survive in this world and make something of their life. In some cases it ends up becoming a luxury. Backward cultures believe that a girl should stop school as soon as she reaches puberty. In some cultures they believe that boys should not waste their time on education as they get older, but toil in the fields.

Thankfully we live in a culture where education is a compulsion. What is the most effective way to teach a child about something? This goes for not just for very young children but older teens too.

The answer is simple: The best way to  teach a child about something is to show it to them and they will learn much better and retain it longer. This is the concept behind educational tours. We believe in taking students to different countries and showing them the history, geography, economics, literature, culture traditions and many more things. Does any parent feel that their child will reMonuments 3.pngturn from a trip to London or Paris and not be more educated or wiser in anyway?

The learning saga

On our educational tours we ensure that we cover all the different aspects of the place and country. This is the reason we have teachers accompanying the group. The teachers prepare for this trip by updating themselves on what they are about to see during the tour and make it a wholesome experience for the students.

How do we do it

We select places that have a rich cultural heritage and one that has a significant influence on the world like England, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa,  France, and others. We also ensure that these are not troubled areas. We do not venture into danger zones. We are responsible for your children while they are with us and we do not take and risks. Safety is our first priority. We are know for our safe and secure tours.

We provide decent accommodation and nutritious wholesome food. We ensure discipline and good conduct during the trip. Students are divided into groups to look out for each other as an additional  safety measure.


Wanderlust the craving to travel

The restlessness to travel is backed by the craving to taste the different cuisine in different places.

Can someone actual crave travel?

Usually when we think of the word craving we instantly relate it to food. But hey people can crave other things too.

Egyptian food

Some people travel just to eat the variety of cuisine served in the place they intend to visit. Travel and food are synonymous. Did anyone ever say I am going for a holiday to another country but I intend to eat only Indian food while I’m there – well I’ve never heard that.

Food buffs

Adults are all into eating new types of cuisines especially in another country. Children on the other hand are not so much into food. If its tasty and suits their taste buds they’ll eat it. As children get older they begin to appreciate the different tastes and variety that the world has to offer. When travelling especially on educational school trips it is good to encourage children to try different cuisine. Food can tell you a lot about a culture and a country.

Thai food

On our International school tours we always encourage the children to taste the local food. They are of course not compelled to eat it if they do not like it. Indian restaurants, burgers and pizzas are always available where ever we go on our school trips for children.

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Travel for Children

Children learn alot when they travel and they remember these things for life

For a child everything is about learning. The idea is to ensure that they learn things that are of value and will serve them well later in life.

As parents we often feel that our children are too young to travel and we’ll show them places once they are older so that they can remember what they have seen. You will be amazed at the retention power of a child. Children see things differently from adults. As adults we see on the surface. Children see in depth, what the eye does not behold.

International School Tours – the freedom of being a child

We as parents are to blame for depriving our children from the opportunity to learn by restricting them from travelling. Your child’s school arranges a trip to a different country. Most parents are dead against the idea. What is the reason? Cost? We go all out buy our children expensive toys that do note really benefit them anything, but an educational school trip that will teach them so many wonderful things and help them grow in so many wonderful ways, and parents say ‘no’. What are you choosing for your child – useless expensive toys, but denying them the opportunity to learn?! It is worth thinking about.

We want our children to grow up and do great things, achieve great success, have a wide vision and lots more. Every parents desire is that their child go on to do outstanding things in life. Yet during their growing up years you curb your child’s exposure, you deny them the opportunity to travel and get a global perspective. .

Be a new generation parent and encourage your child to grow in an all round manner. Make the sacrifices you have to for the future of your child. Put together the funds for an international trip that can be the root for the success of your child.


Travel is never a waste of money, especially for a child. Each place visited teaches a child something we cannot even imagine. So the next time you get a circular from your child’s school about a school trip whether it is domestic or international think about your child and their growth. What you are denying them or are you willing to sacrifice for them.

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We organise international tours to different destinations around the world including London, South Africa, Egypt, Thailand, France, Nepal and Bhutan. The international school trips are specially designed to be educational as well as fun and entertaining. Safety is a priority for us. We have one teacher for every 10 students.


School Trip to London

“…it is every child’s secret dream to visit London someday.”

An opportunity to see London for Indian School Students. We organise  a few trips during the course of the year to London.

Why London?

Right from a toddler stage a child learns about London with the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down”. Even though we may not realise it but most of the nursery rhymes originated in England or Europe. As we grow up it is every child’s secret dream to someday visit London. This is one of the core reasons that we have selected London and its surrounding areas as one of our primary school tour destinations.

Why school trips?Parliament and big ben.jpg

We never know what our children are going to do when they grow up and how successful they will be or what their financial capability will be. Even though every parent imagines that their child will be rich, famous and successful. As parents we do everything we can to ensure that our children grow up well and we strive to give them the best. A school trip to London will give them an added advantage and a boost for life. So when you think about the cost and the affordability of the London trip also think of what a good thing it will be for your child and the positive impact on their future life.

What does the tour include?

We take care of every thing from the moment we take charge of the children. Our tour coordinators play the role of parents and we believe in personalised care. We keep our groups small so that we can give each child more attention. Our standard group size is between 15 to 25 children. The age group we cater to is between 12 years to 19 years. Class 6 onward.

We provide all meals, decent accommodation, travel and sightseeing among other facilities. We make the tours exciting for the children to have fun and enjoy themselves. While we are together we do things as one big family.We also take care to ensure personal hygiene and that the children brush, bath and change into clean clothes. Laundry is not included, however if required we will have it done. While your children are with us we will take care of them as parents.

London Bridge 2.jpgTravelling to London

Our International school trip to London spans 5 days and four nights not including the travel time. We depart from India in the evening and arrive at Heathrow Airport, London in the morning with the whole day ahead of us to start seeing the city. The excitement of just being in London gives everyone a boost of extra energy and the tiredness of travel fades away. Children are more resilient and are able to sleep on the flight. We take a direct flight so as to ensure proper rest during the travel.

Food and Safety

South Asia Tour25 stresses on two factors for all our international school tours for Indian Students and that is on safety and healthy food. We take all the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our children. The children are divided
into small groups with one of our coordinators in charge. Food is another area that we are strict about. We stress on healthy eating and restrict the children from eating junk. All the children have a full insurance coverage in case of an emergency. We would like to request parents to ensure that your child adopts healthy eating habits a week prior to travel to ensure that they are healthy and well before travel. Minor issues such as cold and cough we will take care of. We always have first aid emergency medication with us at all times. All our group coordinators have basic first aid and medical knowledge.

Our international school tours are not commercial but we take the time to get to know each child and their preferences. We ensure that everyone has fun and participates in the activities

we do. We take plenty of pictures, so parents do not worry if your child does not have a camera. During the trip we are contactable on WhatsApp. Your child does not need to carry a mobile phone or camera.

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Our next tour is planned for 25th December 2016 to 30th December 2016. You need to confirm latest by 15th October 2016. Since we have a limited group size please do not wait till the last moment. For more details please email or call us.

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