Many adults and parents fail to understand child psychology and begin to judge their children based on an adults thought process. Children have simple minds that process each experience as something to learn.


A child is not a confused soul. If your child is indecisive it is not confusion. Not being able to decide between a number of options is because they want them all or they really do not like any. This is not confusion.

Adults on the other hand are confused. Why is this? Because for when they consider their options they are trying to figure out the consequences of their choice. The inability clearly to perceive the repercussion of each option leads them to a state of confusion. A child’s thought process does not go so far, they see what is at hand and make their decision accordingly.

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Childhood is one continuous learning phase. For a child learning is not confined to the institution of school. Children learn every moment of the day, everything they see or do has some significance to them. They do not categorize situations as good or bad, they have an interest in what is going on.Quote-OurStaff.gif

Travelling has a major impact on a young developing mind. The impressions of what they see and experience holds great value in their life. It is beneficial to encourage a child to travel whether on family holidays or on school trips.

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Visit Westminster Abbey

All school children should visit the Westminster Abbey for educational purposes as the place is full of historical relics that can increase the knowledge of a child multi fold.

A trip to London must include a tour of the Westminster Abbey. This is the location used for all famous events in the UK related to the royal family. Events such as the  crowning of a new King or Queen of England, royal funerals, weddings etc have taken place at the Westminster Abbey for centuries. The most recent and famous event to take place there was the wedding of Prince William to Catherine.

Westminster Abbey holds the head stones of many historically famous people including Shakespeare, British monarchs and their families, many famous musicians, poets and writers. One can also find the tomb stone of Charles Darwin at the Westminster Abbey.

At the entrance .of the West door is the tomb of an unknown warrior. A soldier who was killed during the first world war and whose name is not known. Other items of interest at the Westminster Abbey are the Bells, the Organ and the Chapter house. The museum has very interesting exhibits.

All school children should visit the Westminster Abbey for educational purposes as the place is full of historical relics that can increase the knowledge of a child multi fold. Contact us at for more information and like us on Facebook.

Why Indians must visit Tower of London

What is so special about the Tower of London that every IndianImage result for Tower of London who goes to London must visit it? Everyone has heard of the famous Kohinoor diamond that was taken by the British during their rein of India.

Every Indian child who is privileged to visit the Tower of London learns more that just history. Visiting this places teaches one about the concepts of life itself. It has a remarkable influence on children.

A sight to behold at the museum in the Tower of London are the crown jewels. The Kohinoor diamond was not the only jewel that was taken from India by the British, there were many others too. Most of these jewels are for display at the Tower of London.


The Tower of London was a palace that was later used as a prison and a place of torture. One can see the torture chamber during an internal tour. The Tower of  London also attracts thousands of people every year for its beautiful poppies.

We specially organise tours to London for Indian school students of class 6 and above. Enabling these students to experience the culture, traditions, food and way of life in England as well as take them to places that are educational and historic.

London is one of the most famous cities in the world and for a child to visit in the early years of life gives them a learning advantage.

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School tours to historical sites

International school trips from India – an opportunity for students to visit places and learn learn about their history, geography and culture.

Bringing life to historical sites

Visiting a historical site makes the text books come alive. Studying suddenly has so much more of a reality aspect to it. Everyone has heard about the Pyramid.jpgpyramids in Egypt. The history books always make a mention of the Israelite slaves that were used to build the pyramids as tombs for the Pharaohs. Only when you actually visit the pyramids do you realize the grandeur these huge structures posses.

Some of those rocks used to build the pyramids are so huge that it makes you wonder how the slaves ever managed to get them one over the other. This part of history will remain embedded forever in the minds of all those who visit the place. This is one reason that we organize school trips to places with educational value.

Exposure to the culture

Whenever you visit a place you are exposed to the people and their culture. You get to see first hand the kind of food they eat and their lifestyle as a whole. It is amazing how a day in a place can teach you so much more than reading so many books. For our international school tours we always try and arrange for the students to attend a cultural show and taste the local food. Some students are more adventurous than others when it comes to food and trying new cuisines. None the less the experience is worthwhile.

A trip into the country side and seeing the village life at close quarters is something that needs to be experienced personally. Each person takes back something different. Being in a place teaches you things that words cannot express but the mind comprehends. .

A comprehensive geographical understanding 

It is amazing what the mind comprehends about a place by just being physically present. When we study text books we end up with preconceived notions. Egypt is a very hot country. When you visit the place it allows you to understand just how hot it can get or how pleasant the weather can be at times. Travelling around a country makes you aware of what the terrain looks like. Students perceptions  are not limited to text book information but they get a clear understanding of the actual facts.

Fun and sightseeing

While most of the sightseeing is educational based we do try and include fun activities where the students have a chance to enjoy themselves. Depending on the location there could be opportunity for adventure activity or game parks. A school trip should also be fun along with learning. Children need to be able to enjoy being young and and indulging in childish activities..

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