Indian School Tour to Switzerland

Switzerland is a dream destination. A must visit place in a life time. South Asia Tour25 makes this dream a reality for the lucky ones

Everyone dreams of going to Switzerland. The country is all about the breath taking beauty on nature. Many places have natural beauty and Switzerland is one of them. The Swiss Alps make you feel like you are in heaven.

In Switzerland you just feel one with nature. It’s a feeling where you are back to the basics. No technology download 2or gizmos can replace the pleasure of the magnificence that engulfs you.

When you are a little settled in the basket of nature, you can marvel at the accomplishments of this heavenly country.

What is Switzerland about?

Economically it is one of the richest countries. All the richest people in the world have huge stashes in the Swiss Bank. Switzerland is famous for its dairy products – Swiss cheese and Swiss chocolates. Swiss watches are a class apart and still ranks among the top brands in the world.

Why students should visit Switzerland?

Travelling to Switzerland is one of the things that a person must do in their life. Visiting the place you get the real feel of the country. Words are not enough to describe it. Most people view Switzerland as a tourist destination or a business hub. Children have a different perspective. It is an eye opening and life changing experience.

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